Medical Massage Therapy
Manual Therapy in 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute treatment sessions.  See below for details.


Red Light Therapy
Red and Near-Infrared Light therapy in

10 or 20 minute treatment sessions


This treatment requires 18 prepaid 30 minute sessions and focuses on one zone at a time.  Consultation required. 

CBD Products

We carry a variety of CBD products, including Tinctures, Topical Rubs, Pet Tinctures, Lotions, Face Cream and Body/Face Cleanser.

But Wait.... There's More

Armstrong Massage Rehab is anything but a typical massage experience.  We specialize in soft tissue pain management to aid in muscular-rehabilitation and help our clients overcome chronic aches and pains.  As soft tissue specialists, our ultimate goal is to facilitate holistic health and well-being without resorting to medications. 

What does that mean?  We are not a spa. 

Soft tissue is muscle, fascia, tendons and ligaments. Clinical massage is condition based soft tissue treatment.  This includes pre and post operative treatment, surgery prevention, neurologically based soft tissue manipulation, and soft tissue injury rehabilitation.​​ 

What We Do

About Us

What We Offer

- Most treatments do not require you to disrobe - because of this, we ask that you wear gym attire 
to your appointments, if possible. 

- Multiple rehabilitative soft tissue treatment techniques* 

- Use of a massage gun for rapid release*

- E-stem therapy*

*These treatments are typically separate charges, but we include any and all necessary treatment for you within our set costs to ensure you get the most out of each session*

Medical MassageCondition Based Treatment (no, we do not diagnose)

15 Mins - One area at a time (Example:  just your right shoulder, etc.) - $35

30 Mins - Two areas (Example:  right shoulder & left shoulder, etc.) - $70

45 Mins - Three areas (Example:  right shoulder, left shoulder & neck, etc.) - $105

60 Mins - Four Areas (Example:  right shoulder, left shoulder, neck & lower back, etc.) - $130


Armstrong Massage Rehab

What You Can Expect

Red Light Therapy
10 minute treatment - $15
20 minute treatment - $30

Benefits of Red Light / Near-Infrared Light Therapy:
- Increases healing productivity for injuries
- Reduces pain and inflammation
- Increases blood circulation, which can assist in boosting your immune system
- Helps restore healthy cellular function, which stimulates the production of collagen

And that’s just the short list….
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