​​Neuromuscular Reeducation:
is a thorough program of recovery from acute and chronic pain syndromes. This scientific approach to muscular pain relief will bring balance between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Enhancing the function of joints, muscles and biomechanics to release the body's own natural painkillers. NMT is used to help treat range of motion conditions and some debilitating diseases.

Structural Integration: is the process of manipulating fascia, which is the thin elastic like lining that holds our muscle together. Once Fascia is released the muscle tissue is lengthened back to its original form. Helps restructure muscle formation and posture, promotes proper blood flow increasing the immune system.

Medical Massage: is a combination between three modalities. Medical Massage is used to treat chronic pain conditions, Structural abnormalities, Sciatic issues, Disc degenerative disease among many other conditions. If you are getting insurance reimbursement for medical work, you must have a prescription from your doctor. Note that we do not diagnose or cure any conditions. Treatment is for pain management.

Myofascial Release: is a comprehensive technique used to treat shortened muscle tissue that contributes to acute injuries. MFR is used commonly for pain management when treating acute injuries.

Muscle Energy Technique: MET is a form of therapy used to relax each muscle individually by using resistant stretching. This technique redirects the nerves system in each muscle improving range of motion for a stronger longer lasting effect.

Trigger Point Therapy: trigger points are pockets in the muscle tissue designated to clean the muscle for proper blood flow and healthy muscular tissue. These pockets build up with old blood and toxins, which create tension and strain on the muscle tissue. This therapy helps with pain management by cleaning the muscle tissue for decreased inflammation in the surrounding connective tissue.

Injury Massage: is a technique designed to flush the muscle tissue from toxins and promote blood flow. This technique is structured to assist in the healing process of injuries and reform the muscle tissue for old injuries to heal. Helps with alleviating scar tissue.

Sports Therapy: is a faster more invigorating technique that is designed to promote blood flow, prevent injury and increase performance. Sports therapy is best when used hours or the day before a sporting event.

Deep Tissue Therapy: massage that deeply manipulates muscle tissue to flush the tissue from toxic build up.Helps promote proper blood flow, decreased muscle inflammation for pain management, and boost the immune system.

Cranial Sacral Therapy: is an energy technique used to influence the flow of the cranial sacral rhythm. This Treatment helps restore the cranial sacral rhythm. This helps to decrease mental stress that causes a hypertension in the nervous system linked to diseases such as Fibromyalgia, TMJ, and migraine headaches.

Swedish Massage: is a light massage technique that increases blood flow and helps flush muscle tissue from toxic build up promoting a strong healthier immune system.

New Client Special
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First time clients only.

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Treatment Times Available: 

15 minutes

30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes

A minimum 24 hour cancellation

policy does apply to all appointments.  
If you do not cancel within these terms,

you will forfeit your session or voucher

​​Medical Massage and Advanced Sports Therapy

Medical Massage Techniques are used for one or more specific areas of focus for

pain management therapy.   Advanced Sports Therapy includes pre-event and post-event work using proprioceptive nerve function (PNF) technique for increased performance and full body balancing.

Regular Prices  (One Session)
15 Minute Treatment 97112  $30.00
15 Minute Treatment 97140  $35.00
60 Minute Treatment  $130.00
90 Minute Treatment  $195.00


4 – 30 Minute Treatments  $200.00
8 – 30 Minute Treatments  $400.00

2 – 60 Minute Treatments  $200.00
4 – 60 Minute Treatments  $400.00

2 – 90 Minute Treatments  $300.00
4 – 90 Minute Treatments  $600.00

*Only 60 minute sessions can be divided into 30 minute sessions​​


Therapeutic Sessions
 Deep tissue and relaxation massage.

Focusing on full body and not area-specific work. 

Regular Prices (One Session)
60 Minute Therapeutic  $100.00
90 Minute Therapeutic  $150.00

*All packages are non-refundable and expire one year from the date of purchase*​​