​​Medical Massage and Advanced Sports Therapy

These techniques do not require anyone to disrobe.

See below for more details! 

Regular Prices  (One Session)
15 Minute Treatment 97112  $30.00
15 Minute Treatment 97140  $35.00

30 Minute Treatment 97140 $70.00
60 Minute Treatment  $130.00
90 Minute Treatment  $195.00


4 – 30 Minute Treatments  $200.00
8 – 30 Minute Treatments  $400.00

2 – 60 Minute Treatments  $200.00
4 – 60 Minute Treatments  $400.00

2 – 90 Minute Treatments  $300.00
4 – 90 Minute Treatments  $600.00

*Only 60 minute sessions can be divided into 30 minute sessions​​


Therapeutic Sessions
 Deep tissue and relaxation massage.

Focusing on full body and not area-specific work. 

Regular Prices (One Session)
60 Minute Therapeutic  $100.00
90 Minute Therapeutic  $150.00

*All packages are non-refundable and expire one year from the date of purchase*​​

Types of Therapy and what they are for:

Medical Massage:  This is a very thorough process which helps realign body posture through soft tissue manipulation and soft tissue rehabilitation techniques.  For pain management related issues and acute injury. 

Advanced Sports Therapy:  Utilizing the most advanced neuromuscular techniques in combination with stretch therapy and perfectly formulated protocols designed to help you perform better, recover faster, increase potential strength and even lose weight.  In our opinion, sports therapy is something everyone should receive, simply because it is designed to improve your overall body function.

Armstrong Method:  The Armstrong Method is a methodical protocol designed by Justin Armstrong combining multiple different modalities to achieve the best results possible for each individual.  These techniques are neurologically based; in other words, we use your brain to make your body move better!

Therapeutic Massage:  The 'beat me up' therapy or the 'I feel like I got hit by a truck' therapy.  These are your standard deep tissue forms of therapy which do not include any neurologic or medically based techniques.

Relaxation Massage:  Better known as spa work.  This is the 'put me to sleep in a wonderland of amazing bliss' type of massage.  AMR does not specialize in this type of massage, but we are trained how to do it and we do it well.

Armstrong Massage Rehab

Treatment Times Available: 

15 minutes

30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes

A minimum 24 hour cancellation

policy does apply to all appointments.  
If you do not cancel within these terms,

you will forfeit your session or voucher

New Client Special
Please mention this special when

booking your appointment.  

First time clients only.

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