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Manual Therapy

Soft tissue manipulation using multiple techniques including neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release and trigger-point therapy to help restore healthy muscular function, correct myoskeletal imbalances and aid in pain management.

Red Light Therapy

Full body light therapy that utilizes Red Light and Near-Infrared Light to increase healing productivity for injuries, reduce pain & inflammation, and increase blood circulation, along with many other health benefits.

Corrective Exercise

The primary goal of corrective exercise is to help individuals improve their movement patterns, reduce pain, prevent injuries and optimize their overall physical function.

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About Us

Armstrong Massage Rehab is anything but a typical massage experience.

We specialize in soft tissue pain management to aid in muscular-rehabilitation and help our clients overcome chronic aches and pains. As soft tissue specialists, our ultimate goal is to facilitate holistic health and well-being without resorting to medications.

What does that mean?

We are not a spa.

Soft tissue is muscle, fascia, tendons and ligaments. Clinical massage is condition based soft tissue treatment. This includes pre and post operative treatment, surgery prevention, neurologically based soft tissue manipulation, and soft tissue injury rehabilitation.


What do we do?

Condition Based Treatment (no, we do not diagnose)

Treatment may include Manual Therapy, Corrective Exercise and Health Coaching

*NEW CLIENTS must book a 90 Minute Session (consultation and treatment included - see more details in "Book Now")

What can you expect?

- Most treatments do not require you to disrobe - because of this, we ask that you wear gym attire

to your appointments, if possible.

- Multiple rehabilitative soft tissue treatment techniques

- Use of a massage gun for rapid release

- E-stem therapy

- Corrective exercise strategies

What else do we offer?

- Red Light Therapy in 10, 15 or 20 minute sessions

- Corrective exercise

- Lypossage (consultation required)

- Product recommendations (see link above)

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Armstrong Massage Rehab

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